David Wodiuk 50 year old Colorado Native-Producer-Videographer-Photographer~Meritorious Photography International Wildlife Film Festival Missoula Montana~~Best Documentary Colorado Broadcast Association, for "Colorados' Wildside" a documentary about the Ecosystems of Colorado~~best of show and 1st place Southern Colorado Photography~~asst.Cameraman for Wild America on "Just little Varments" ~ "Wings Over the Marsh"~~ King World productions -"Dangerous Encounters"~~Worldwide distribution on National Geographic Channel - Bull Elk Fighting- Kratt Bros.-"Be the Creature Series" -episode seven "Battling Bighorns"

Having the chance to film animals in North America has been one of the greatest things in my life. I will never forget the moments that unfolded, like- Grizzly Bear Boars fighting for the Right to mate with a Sow Griz in Heat, or facing off with a Cougar, or filming Bull Elk fight for their herds with hair flying and life threatening goring. This constant extreme drama is an adrenaline producer called Nature. The many magical moments and the many struggles have connected me to the wonder of earth. Seeing Falcons diving on the backs of Greater Canadian Geese in the Tetons, or Bald Eagles swooping down to grab ducks off the water at Yellowstone Lake. This thing called Nature is the most important link we have to our past and the only hope for our future. My dream is that we may always have deep Pristine Forests and Canyons for our children to hear Elk Bugles echoing ,to hear flocks of Cackling Snow Geese on a full moon night, to enjoy the thrill of seeing Grizzly Bears and Wolves still roaming the way the did for thousands of years. We are stewards and have been entrusted with the future of these species. I will continue to produce educational films and Portraiture for the understanding, preservation, and beauty of Nature. Currently finished video- "Elk an American Legacy" the story of two bull elk growing up in the Rockies.* in the works -"Mountain Safari" a documentary about the Flora and Fauna of Rocky MT. National Park. * "Yellowstone - a roadside guide to it's wildlife" a video library of the best places to see specific species in Yellowstone.* "Pronghorn Antelope an American Legacy", the story of a pair of antelope and their struggles. I am striving to document as many species as possible in this world of infinite beauty, and to share with the world it's never ending wonder. David Wodiuk Nature Spirit Productions www.naturespiritproductions.com