Jeremiah Wodiuk: photographer
Loco and quail

Jeremiah Wodiuk is a Colorado native. He has been in the production business since the age of 11 and has been practicing falconry since the age of 14. The son of photographer David Wodiuk, his father has taught him about film since he could hold a camera.. Now at the age of 31 Jeremiah is a Master falconer,  seasoned photographer, Musician, writer and artist. His images and video work have been used in print, on the web, and in television.

He has worked on Films such as: "Colorado's Wild Side" (which  won best documentary  from the Colorado broadcast association), "Pretty at a Quail" and "The Nest is Best". Jeremiah is also an active member of the Colorado Hawking club . This ever growing website:, was built and is managed by Jeremiah. 

Jeremiah has dedicated his life to capturing and exposing the true beauty of nature through his falconry and photography in hopes that it will help to educate people about the importance and the positive affect that our wildlife resource has on our global community. He has given free public speeches, on the art of falconry and ornithology, at local colleges and boy scout meetings throughout the Pueblo, Colorado area.. His magnanimous effort will continue in order to find truth and beauty in our ever changing planet.

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