There comes a time in every photographers life when they know that all of the conditions are right for the perfect shot. When the light streams across with perfect symmetry and the grasses are of the most opulent hues. When the moment is tense because it is a predator that of which has many stories attached to it of horror and stealth. That which is of true power and regalness. I had less than two minutes to capture this once in lifetime shot. It definitely gets your heart pounding when you get this close to a big Grizzly. Well it happened one day and the result was this magnificent shot of Griz-n-Grass. Hope you enjoy it.

 Limited Edition of 2500 Signed and Numbered , Printed on Canvas or photo paper Archival Quality . Not mounted (see order info) . Don't miss your chance! 




Price Range $500-$1500

Photo Paper

Price Range $80-$1000