By Definition Nature is the essential character of a thing; a quality or qualities that make something what it is; Essence. Nature is the power, force, principle, that seems to regulate the physical universe: often personified, sometimes as MOTHER NATURE.

Spirit is defined as the breath, courage, vigor, the soul, life. Spirit is the thinking, motivating, feeling part of a person, often as distinguished from the body; mind; intelligence. Spirit is the real meaning and true intention of a thing.

The combination of the two is what Nature Spirit Productions stands for. We put our passion, talent and hearts together in unison to form a medium through which truth and beauty can pass. In the process we expose a great natural resource and hope that it has as much effect on the world as it has had upon us. Nature Spirit Productions has, and will continue to, let Nature's Beauty speak for itself through film and video. As human beings let us not forget that our efforts, taken to preserve our world's land and wildlife today, will be our legacy to all future generations.