“Early Morning Feed” ©2002 David Wodiuk

cat # MA-115-17

          On one expedition that I made with a buddy of mine we encountered a small band of Bulls feeding in a meadow with the sub zero temperatures of the northern Wyoming Mountains. This place is always good for spotting huge bulls and occasionally Bison and Wolves. I was very impressed with the stealth of these animals. They are comfortable in 30 to 50 below zero temps.  I don’t know about you, but I like the cold, although 30 to 50 below is a little extreme. I like to film in any condition though, because I love to be able to capture the extreme struggle that these animals face. These bulls will feed most of the day because the plant nutrient levels are minimal. This is the ultimate struggle; enduring this test of cold, you have to have stealth and endurance, not to mention a thick layer of fat and fur. I feel that I have learned a great deal about nature through all my years of filming. It seems that I can never get enough. But I have to say that it is always a blessing to be able to capture something so amazing like an - “Early Morning Feed”

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Thank You David Wodiuk

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