Falls'-Fellow Buck

                                                                                                                                             “Falls Fellow”  ©2001 David Wodiuk

Cat # MA–111-15

            In recent years Mule deer and Deer subspecies have all been affected by wasting disease. We have seen drastic reductions of herds, which are making somewhat of a rebound. It seems to me the rebound has been only in a few areas, but I have been seeing more deer than I have for 10 to15 years. I do believe they are coming back very strong in some areas so I have great hope for the Mule Deer and sub Species. Only time will really tell if this disease will be eliminated. As long as we can still see Muleys running wild there will always be that hope that this species will endure forever. That is why I am always so fulfilled when I get to see and capture and shot like the - “Falls Fellow” I Love this shot and I hope you do to.

Thank You, David Wodiuk  

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