“A Rodents Worry"© David Wodiuk cat#MA-89-1

One day around the 45th parallel in North America I watched a Coyote, foraging and hunting for rodents. They are a smaller species than the Gray Wolf, but are commonly mistaken for wolves. I have watched this species catch vole after vole after vole. They are also good at running down rabbits and catching birds by ambush. This species is common across most of the North American continent. I definitely do believe that this species has a place in the control of rodents and all small species when they are in the presence of wolves. That is when they fall into their own special arena for prey base. They will take smaller prey but occasionally steal food from the other sources such as carcasses from predation. Wolves do not take kindly to coyote theft. Wolves have killed coyotes occasionally when they intrude upon space or food.  This is a beautiful shot of a Stealthy survivor, living in relationships with Bison, Elk, Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, and the many hundreds of other species through the millennium.

Hope you like this shot, This Coyote is definitely “A Rodents Worry”

 Thank You, 

David Wodiuk

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