assertion- Red Fox(C)99-ma-10-4



"Assertion"©99 David Wodiuk

          There was a time when I stumbled upon a Redfox in the high mountains of southern Montana. This creature seemed to be an old soul. It was very swift through the deep emerald grasses. I was blessed to have this opportunity, which happened in a matter of a few minutes. I moved through the deep grass and found it foraging for mice and voles. It noticed me and then exited left. Only to hold for me for this exquisite shot of Assertion, then it disappeared into the grass. These intense stare in the moment is forever stuck in my mind. He is on the hunt and he is assertive.

I hope you enjoy “Assertion”.

Limited Edition of 2500 Signed and Numbered , Printed on Canvas or photo paper Archival Quality . Not mounted (see order info) . Don't miss your chance! 





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Photo Paper

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