“At the Lick”(C)DW-ma-79-7

©98 David Wodiuk

This absolutely respectable Bull Elk specimen is a 7X6 meaning he has 7 points on one side and 6 on the other. This one has shown up on a mineral spring. As he drinks from the rolling water he ends up with some mineral deposits on his nose. Giving you the sweet moment when that color dances in the backdrop and the bull poses powerfully regal. I just love it when the light plays so vividly upon the grasses and shrubs in this magic hour at sundown. I was blessed to get this short chance to capture this awesome moment with this regal bull “At the Lick”

Thank you from David Wodiuk


 Limited Edition of 2500 Signed and Numbered , Printed on Canvas or photo paper Archival Quality . Not mounted (see order info) . Don't miss your chance! 





Price Range $400-$1500

Photo Paper

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