balance- Large Bull Elk(C)97-MA-41-2


©97 David Wodiuk

cat# MA-41-2 This scene is very awesome to me because the Bull Elk has perfect symmetry on his antlers, but he is also with a Cow Elk, meaning the title of this shot can work two ways.  It says the bull has a perfectly balanced rack, and it says he is perfect because he is with his cow. For the two together can procreate by some chance in nature. This to me is the most beautiful thing. The light was cast gray, and they held long enough for me to get this shot at sunrise. The morning was full of Bugling echoing through the valley. There where a lot of small bulls play fighting and practice fighting in preparation for that one day when all is put on the line. That’s is when they will fight for life and death to obtain the right to own a herd or harem. Sometimes the harems are small, with only a few cows. This was a great morning though because I was allowed to capture this beautiful Bull and Cow with this shot called - “Balance”.

Hope you enjoy it, Thank You

David Wodiuk

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