“Bedded Down Newborn”

©96 David Wodiuk

cat# MA-1-3

It was a high mountain meadow in the front range of Colorado that I happened upon this precious shot of a newborn fawn mule deer. This fawn was wet and the ears were still wrinkled, it was just born. I maintained my distance so I would not scare it up and make it more vulnerable to predators. There were about ten to fifteen Does that had just sprung up from the super thick cover in this meadow. They all ran off hoping to lead us all after them. This definitely was a fawning ground for these Does. I knew that there were more fawns in the grass so I kept my safe distance and then showed my son Jeremiah and friend Mario where it lay. I captured about eight frames of this awesome and rare sight. This was definitely one of our better moments. It is always more enjoyable when one or both of my sons can come along. These areas are also great for Goshawks and many other birds of prey. I have to say this is the most precious and innocent shot I have. Deer fawns are extremely beautiful creatures. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see a “Bedded Down Newborn”

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