befriended Black Stallion-SC-18-7


©97 David Wodiuk

cat# SC-18-7

            There comes time when you know you are either in serious trouble or you are going to experience something you will never forget if you survive. Well I use to frequent an area that pretty much was untouched for the last hundred years or so. This wild horse was crossing our paths out there so I began calling to him every time I would go. He was a wild but either auctioned or adopted horse. This awesome animal was seen almost every time I went out there. One day he blew my mind because he came right to me. I began walking straight out into the field he was in, and he slowly came straight to me. We met in the field and I was humbled by this amazing encounter with a beautiful symbol of the west. As I stood there with his royalty I knew he could kill me if he wanted but there was something much more, it is called Trust. I just feel so blessed to finally have the moment when I was –“Befriended”.Hope you like it-

Thank you, David Wodiuk

Limited Edition of 2500 Signed and Numbered , Printed on Canvas or photo paper Archival Quality . Not mounted (see order info) . Don't miss your chance!





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Photo Paper

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