“Bison Browse”

©98 David Wodiuk

cat# MA-87-2

            The American Bison was once down to a few hundred head. Now by the grace of dedicated conservationists and nature lovers the Bison is here to stay. This enormous species was once one of the most abundant large ungulates in North America. The numbers were said to have exceeded 350 million. The wolf was probably the bison’s greatest threat and asset before the development of this land. Man eventually killed all of the wolves and grizzlies in Colorado in the last century to a century and a half. It is just great to see a giant symbol still out roaming free in the great expanses again. The establishment of Yellowstone National Park was probably the single most significant effort that saved the bison from extinction.  Yellowstone was created for the hope to bring back or preserve species particularly the Bison. This is truly a great tribute to the past and I will always be in awe when I get to see- “Bison Browse”

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