breakfast- Bull Elk feasting(C)03DW-MA-130-8


©2003 David Wodiuk

cat# MA-130-8

            This shot was captured with a 300, f 2.8  I needed the extra speed to stop the feeding action at the crack of dawn. The light through the hair on the back of the Elk Bulls was fantastic. I love that rusty brown color when the hot sunlight light comes through. It is always such a thrill for me to get to film Elk, they are always so regal. It is just extremely entertaining to get shots of beautiful creatures. The real challenge is not disturbing them when you are capturing them. These guys were captured at the chilling temperature of 45 degrees below zero. As you can see, eating is definitely most important in these extremes. I felt so lucky and blessed to get these bulls are out for- “Breakfast” 

Hope you enjoy it-Thank You David Wodiuk

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