“Falls Peering”

©97 David Wodiuk

Cat # MA-56-17

            In the fall, or autumn if you prefer, there is a smell that lingers in the air, it is the smell of musk. The Elk are beginning to go into rut when all of the hormones are raging and their necks swell for the inevitable battles they face. This is the rut when all deer species fight for the right to mate with the does or cows. Bull Elk and Moose fight for Cows, and Buck Deer, fight for Does. The smell of elk is heavy in the aspen trees; this is a feeling that is forever embedded in my mind. The elk were close to me and I will always be excited when I get this close to them in the trees. You have usually a split second to get the shot or just watch it go away.  This shot was taken early morning just before dawn. I have to say that it always takes me back to the Bugles and Musk, the fighting and crisp air, when I look at – “Falls Peering” 

I hope you like it!

Thank You, David Wodiuk

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