“Falls Fellow” ©1998 David Wodiuk

Cat # MA-93-17

            There is a place high up and to the north; it is a land of legends. This land when you first come to it makes you feel complete, like you have waited to see this magnificent site. It is the Tetons Mountain Range. In this magnificent place you can find an endless amount of things to do. Mine is just searching out wildlife. A good friend and I have been frequenting these areas for quite a long time and it was on this one occasion that we encountered a very respectable Bull Moose. These guys can weigh well over a thousand pounds and are all over this extremely thick cover. You have to be wary if they start to rock their antlers you could be in trouble. This bull was challenging me because his cows had wandered in behind me. This is not a good situation so I moved out of there quick. But not before I captured this magnificent Bull Moose with this shot of – “Falls Fellow” I hope you enjoy it.

Thank You, David Wodiuk

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