“First Light” ©1998 David Wodiuk

Cat# MA-91-5

          All through the years I have heard of a lot of different opinions and stories about Coyotes. Some people love them, and some hate them, some people couldn’t recognize them from a wolf if there life depended on it. But I love to see a keeper of the prairie out running on the range. I have never seen a coyote take anything larger than jackrabbits, but there are stories that they have taken down Bison before. I have also heard stories of Coyotes taking lambs, or calves. This is probably true but I don’t think this is widespread across the continent. I think the real fact is that we are down to only a very small percentage of the original animal and plant diversity that was here one hundred and fifty years ago. These species are merely surviving with whatever is left. I know for a fact that things are changing just from my own documentation in the last thirty years. I think that pollution is definitely a real problem but it is bigger than we think because it just blows out and blue-sky shows thru for a day or two and then we see it again. If we can just hold on to this eco-system and try to let it rebound, it will surely heal. I can tell you that I have seen Coyotes’ out all night catching voles, mice and rodents of all kind. No doubt we would be overrun with mice and other knawing critters without the help of the Coyote. You will know it is a healthy eco-system when the YOTES are fat.

That is why I love to see a Coyote at - “First Light” Hope you like the shot!

Thank You, David Wodiuk

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