“Falls Fury”©1998 David Wodiuk

Cat# MA-80-4

          Fall or autumn is one of my favorite times of the year, and it’s no secret why. It always makes me think of all the times, and all of the seasons that were spent in the color. Then the sound of the huge rocky mountain bull elk bugles echo through the valley. This always gives me the goose bumps when I hear this awesome natural regal dominator of the forest. Then I think of all the species that were here before, and how different it is now, and I wonder why so much has changed so fast. Well, there is hope that some species will have the chance to come back, if mankind can realize that he is ultimately responsible for it’s survival, and if he chooses to let it die, - than he will have this on his back forever. I am not on either side of the politics, I am always on the side of at least a fair chance at survival of all living things.

I am always lifted when I get to see another magnificent bull and especially when he is in the sweet hues of the autumn shrubs and a taste of sage in the foreground. This seven by six point bull is nothing to mess with weighing in at 700 to 900 pounds average. I will always know that there is hope for this species when I get to come across one of the extremely special moments and capture  – “Falls Fury”

  Enjoy! Thank You, David Wodiuk

Limited Edition of 2500 Signed and Numbered , Printed on Canvas or photo paper Archival Quality . Not mounted (see order info) . Don't miss your chance! 





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Photo Paper

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